Monday, 17 November 2008

Be Careful When Using Mops To Clean Laminate floor

When you clean your kitchen floor you may use a regular old mop and heavy duty cleaners to strip the wax from the floor and remove surface dirt and grime. If you used to the same chemicals and mops to clean laminate floor you would have very negative results. To keep your laminate floor in pristine condition with a lustrous shine you must clean it with the appropriate chemicals and mops.

Mops to clean laminate floor should not be wet or submersed in any chemicals that are used to clean other types of flooring or damage to the floors sealants and coatings could be the result. When cleaning your laminate floor it is best to use one of the newer dry style mops to clean laminate floor. Many major manufactures have marketed these dry mops and they do a great job picking up loose dirt and dust that collects on floors. Many of these manufactures also have specialty laminate floor cleaners that are safe for your floors finish and will not cause and damage when used correctly.

When using any type of liquid chemical on you laminate floor you must avoid saturation. Although most laminate floors are water proof constant cleaning with to much flooring chemicals can cause it to seep between the flooring boards. This can cause the sub floor to swell and make your laminate floor buckle. Any liquid that is allowed between the laminate floor panels may also damage the floor as they will be able to sit on the flooring panels longer then they were designed for. Most laminate floors are designed to have the liquid spill cleaned up quickly and not left on for days. This is especially important in older floors where boards may have slightly separated since installation, even the smallest gaps can allow water under the floor.

When using mops to clean laminate floor always use common sense, good judgment and the proper mop and cleaners for the job.

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